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Sponsors & Partners
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This giveaway is now closed! The winners have been randomly selected, congratulations:

#1 – Steam Games:

J-Man: £30

Protato_Tubby: £20

k4ssilver: £10

Add me on Steam and we will sort your games out. (See the Steam widget to the left to add me)

#2 – Nitrous Networks Voucher:


Add me on Steam to claim your voucher. (See the Steam widget to the left to add me)

#3 – Cannhost Cloud Website Hosting:

What Would Picard Do?

To claim your website hosting go and make an account here, once you've done that submit a ticket with the domain name you would like.

Thanks to everyone who entered and our lovely giveaway sponsors: FragRadio, Nitrous Networks and Cannhost.

Original giveaway post:

Spoiler: Show

IT’S CHRISTMAS! That means one thing, aside from gorging yourself with food, its giveaway time!

Much like last year we have different categories and when making your entry you will be able to pick which categories you want to be entered into.

#1 – Steam Games: 3 lucky winners will receive a budget decided by the luck of the draw to spend on Steam.

1st place: £30

2nd place: £20

3rd place: £10

This prize pool has been contributed by ourselves and FragRadio.

#2 – Nitrous Networks Voucher: 1 lucky winner will receive a £25 voucher to spend on any game hosting service. Take a look at Nitrous Networks’ full range of services and games they offer.

#3 – Cannhost Cloud Website Hosting: 2 lucky winners will each receive 6 months free website hosting with a free, .net or .com domain. All hosting packages are on a cloud environment meaning your website will be spread across numerous high speed servers so it is always available.

To enter this giveaway visit, enter your details and submit.

You can select multiple categories when entering, however we suggest entering just the one(s) you want most as you’ll have a greater chance of winning.

This giveaway closes on Wednesday 1st January and winners will be posted in this forum topic and contacted via email.

A big thanks to our giveaway partners FragRadio, Nitrous Networks and Cannhost for making this giveaway possible!

Finally, Merry Christmas and good luck! Don’t forget to share this giveaway. ;)
Posted Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:29 pm by Hazz

In the spirit of Doommas it only seemed right to giveaway a couple of copies of Just Cause 2. As mentioned by Neon in the Merry Doommas post, we are considering hosting a server for it. We would like your thoughts and whether you would make use of it.

If you want to get your hands on one of the 2 copies of Just Cause 2 we have to giveaway, simply reply to this topic saying you would like a copy. We'll close this on Sunday 22nd Dec in the evening and randomly pick 2 winners!

Good luck!

Make sure you also enter our main Doommas giveaway here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7829#p125620
Posted Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:24 pm by Hazz
Hello Doomsters!!

Once again that time of year is upon us!

Firstly, while it has no doubt been a quiet year for Clan of Doom, as always we wish to extend our warmest thanks to our donators, both regular and irregular, who contribute to our server costs. Without them quietly donating in the background we wouldn’t have survived the year, let alone would we be here to tell you about all of this awesome stuff happening in the very near future! While we can’t avoid the fact that activity in the clan has been very quiet lately, we can however set out our plan of action to start changing that, and we’ve got some really awesome stuff in the pipelines to get this community moving again. Additionally, now that we have our very own server hardware all officially paid-for, the monthly donation target has dropped significantly, giving us the stability we need to start implementing some really cool things.

Firstly, I’m excited to announce The Doommas Giveaway Extraordinaire!! We’ve got an incredible list of stuff to give away, including £35 on steam games (courtesy of Clan of Doom), a further £25 on Steam games (courtesy of FragRadio), a £25 voucher for any of Nitrous-Network’s services, cloud web-hosting, and an incredible list of individual steam games to give away! Go and enter now to get some cool stuff for free!

[Speaking of giveaways, did you know that we regularly do give-aways across the year on our various social network accounts? It’s true! Simply follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Steam to get in on all of our little giveaways that we do from time to time]

Secondly, we’re going to implement quite a lot of change across our forums and community in a big effort to get us active again. Aside from re-structuring our community somewhat, giving some of our more senior members various specified roles in order to keep everything alive and kicking, we’re also looking very seriously at setting up some game servers for new games! Counter-strike: Source was of course, our first game server, and it will always have a special place in our cold, mechanical hearts, but we’ve got to move with the times - so look out for Clan of Doom servers for brand new games in the very near future! (We've currently got our greedy eyes on Just Cause 2 multiplayer - would you like to see a Clan of Doom server? Let us know!)

Aside from this, you can expect from us a year full of giveaways, new gameservers, a more active, thriving community, and above all, a friendly, inclusive gaming experience.

And what with the Steam Christmas Sale starting just yesterday... here’s looking to a prosperous new year! Happy fragging!

Clan of Doom
Posted Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:56 pm by Neon Knight