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Hello Doomsters!

As you may have already noticed, we've just completed our switch to a brand new forum software. Our old phpbb3 forum has served us very well over the years, but it had become very outdated, so we decided it was time go for a big forum and website overhaul. And thanks to CooLa, who very graciously transferred his IPBoard license to us, we were able to do this very easily, so everyone throw some massive thanks towards him!

Right now the website still uses the old system, but eventually this will also be moved over to the new one (we just have to actually create it first). We've got quite a few fun little things in store for the future.

As you might expect from a rework on this scale, there might be some bugs and issues as a result of the migration, please if you see anything that's off, or just not working, don't hesitate to give Hazz or me a poke through a private message, or on Steam, or wherever it is that you like to talk to us.

Lastly, we are also in the process of changing over our url from to, as we feel it's a better representation of our community, which has certainly become more global over the years. For now, only points to the forums, and can used to access the website, but both will eventually be moved over to will definitely keep redirecting to that though, so don't worry if you're used to using that URL!

And then on a completely unrelated note: there has been a lot of drama and rumours surrounding 6Pink today. I'd just like to note that the forum switch is in no way related to him (we had decided on switching a while ago already, this is just interesting timing). Hazz will explain what actually happened soon, so please don't spread rumours and just wait for an actual statement from us.

So with all that, happy posting on our shiny new things! Visit them now:

Posted 19/06/15 by Hazz