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Clan of Doom provide lag free and low ping game servers for our community and public players. We accomplish this by hosting our game servers on high performance dedicated hardware along with a great network.

All servers are secured by VAC, our global Bans database and tracked with our GameME stats system.

If you need to report or dispute a ban please post in the Servers forum.

Game Servers | Orange X3 24/7 | TF2#1
IP: Map: cp_orange_x3_cod Players: 16 / 24 | VS Saxton Hale | TF2#2
IP: Map: vsh_castle_siege_b11 Players: 4 / 24 | Toy Fort | TF2#3
IP: Map: cp_toy_fort_cod_elite_v1 Players: 0 / 24 | Mann vs Machine | TF2#4
IP: Map: mvm_ghost_town Players: 0 / 6 | 2Fort Invasion 24/7 Instant Respawn | TF2#6
IP: Map: ctf_2fort_invasion Players: 0 / 24
Deathmatch Texture2 UK | | CSS#3
IP: Map: aim_ag_texture2 Players: 0 / 14 | Deathmatch Dust2 FFA 128 Tick | CSGO#1
IP: Map: de_dust2 Players: 0 / 16


3 Weeks 0 Days 15 Hours 4 Minutes 13 Seconds

Minecraft Server

IP: [Dynamic Map - Server Info - Discussion]

The Minecraft server uses a whitelist. Get yourself whitelisted.

Voice Servers

Get chatting with other members and friends on our Public TeamSpeak 3 Server. Join now:

IP: - Port: 9987 [Connect - Status]

Want a private channel? Request one in the Servers forum.